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Poppellunden´s Alex

Doggside's Panos Show Time

Doggside's Panos The Only Showstar

Doggside's Popalamadonna

Doggside's Poppy Lucky Luke

Doggside's Poppy Lucky Star Dust

Doggside's Primo Primotino

Jonstrupdal Bailey

Jonstrupdal Zoro

Doggside´s Primo Primoleo

Doggside´s Panos Showbeauty

Doggside´s Poppy Lucky Paulzon

Doggsids Pepper Danish Dynamite

Doggside´s Pepper Russian Roulette

Doggside´s Power Off Aramis

Doggside´s Panos Extream Exklusive

Doggside´s Poppy L Fanny The Future

Doggside´s Popala Red Chili

Doggside´s Pytte Pyttelie

Doggside´s Panos Professional

Doggside´s Poppy Lycky Lucille

Jonstrupdal Cassie

Doggside´s Prins Filipinos

Doggside´s PR Tissel Tassel

Doggside´s Popala Angel Dust

Frostatösens Melissa Made For You

Doggside´s Princess Florencia

Doggside´s Panos Dark Moonshadow

Doggside´s PE Babbel Bubbel

Kung Karls Glimt